• Mr. and Mrs. Snyder: A Couple of Full Recoveries 

    Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were both admitted to Ohio Valley Hospital within days of one another in mid- August. Before their hospitalization, the couple had lived independently with family support. But on August 11, Mr. Snyder sustained a TIA, a ministroke, and fell at home. At that point, he was unable to stand or transfer. On August 15 Mrs. Snyder sustained a fall at home as well and suffered a 2, 3 and 4 metatarsal fracture.

    On August 18 Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were transferred to Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore’s Subacute Unit for continued care. They were each evaluated and received intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy to help them return to their home and previous level of independence.

    Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were able to be discharged home together on August 29. They were both walking over 70 feet and transferring with contact guard. They returned home in time to celebrate Mrs. Snyder’s birthday.

    Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore and the North Shore Subacute Unit are proud to have been given the opportunity to take care of this wonderful couple.

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