• Joseph: A Positive Spirit in a Healing Place 

    Joseph was admitted to a short-term acute care hospital on January 9. He was severely dehydrated, with unstable blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. He was diagnosed as having experienced a “microscopic embolic storm,” which entails dramatic peripheral complications of left ventricular thrombosis after myocardial infarction. Joseph had multiple blood clots, which resulted in bilateral lower extremity amputations. He underwent a below-the-knee and an above-the-knee amputation.

    Joseph was admitted to Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore’s Subacute Unit for rehabilitation on March 19. Upon admission, he was severely deconditioned, weak and still healing from his amputations. He required maximal assist for transfers and all of his self care. Joseph received intensive physical and occupational therapy and was fitted and trained to utilize bilateral prosthetic legs.

    When he was discharged from Kindred, he was walking 150 feet with a wheeled walker, climbing three stairs and was independent with self-care and transfers. He was discharged to a rehabilitation facility for continued therapy before returning home independently. Joseph’s positive attitude and spirit set an example for both staff and patients alike.

    Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore and the North Shore Subacute Unit are proud to have been given the opportunity to take care of this wonderful patient.

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