• Minnie: A Wonderful Patient Goes Home 

    Minnie lived an independent life and was very active in her community. In early March, she was on an airplane to Florida with her family when she became lethargic. Minnie was admitted to a short-term acute care hospital and underwent a complete assessment. She was diagnosed with respiratory failure, septic shock, low blood pressure, congestive heart failure and an enlarged small bowel.


    Once her condition stabilized, Minnie was transferred to Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore for continued care.

    Minnie was admitted to Kindred Hospital on March 24. At that time she had an NG tube for nutrition/hydration and was dependent for all mobility and self care.

    A few weeks after admission, her condition had further stabilized and she was able to transfer to the lower-intensity level of care for continued rehabilitation in the Kindred Subacute Rehabilitation Unit.

    In the North Shore Subacute Unit, Minnie was able to receive the intensive therapy and care she needed, provided within the continuum of care at Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore. For four weeks, she received physical, occupational and speech therapy, including vital stimulation for dysphagia.

    On May 28, Minnie’s health had improved so much that she was able to be discharged home independently. Upon discharge she was walking over 250 feet with a wheeled walker, completing all of her own self care and managing a regular diet with thin liquids.

    Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh – North Shore and the North Shore Subacute Unit are proud to have been given the opportunity to take care of this wonderful patient.

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